4 things i like 4 tings i hate

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                         sorry i know this is the same post but  i messed up so here

4 things i like

  1. coffee 
  2. computer 
  3. DS
  4. DSI
4 things i hate

siting and waiting 

My Bio-dad

| Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 2 comments |
Well it has been 6 or 7 years sense I saw my father. But
I do not really care because I have someone who is Bacicly my dad. His name is Brad.
          He is way nicer than Anthony James Jones. You know I dont even think that Anthony remembers me. But I have been talking to his wife Stacie. I am hoping  I will get to see or get in touch with my 2 sisters Katie and Gabby.
          I miss them so much. in the first photo i am the blonde. The girl who is looking at my cake is my sis Katie.  I miss her. Well that is my blog. Tune in later for more blogs.
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         Welcome, alot of people have a dream house. I have one two mine is black with red rooms. Inside of my house there is a 6 feet deep and 10 feet long pool. The pool is black. All of the rooms are black too. The walls have skulls on them. But there is one room with NO BLACK!!!!!!!!! OMG. 

             That is the guest room it is half PINK for the girly girls like my sister. The other half is BLUE for the rest of people. I cant wait till this dream comes to reality. Please comment and tell me what you think of my house.  Also you can email me and tell me about your dream house. Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!   :) 

Macro Monday

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My mom showed me this blog hop and I like taking pictures so I am going to hop along!! I am twelve years old and usually use an Olympus camera but today I used a Canon Powershot SDX1100 IS. It was fun because my mom and I spent time while my brother was asleep. I don't get much time with mommy cause my brother always needs her.  Here is my entry for Macro Monday. I hope you enjoy them.

I wanted to capture the
lines on his hand. I did it!!!! Yeah!!!

My brother's Snow Bird 

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 Today was ok. I stayed home because I was sick. I am going to school tomorrow.  My cuz came over and
we had fun. We played with play dough. I also got to eat Chinese food. I played Mario on the wii.

 my sister Jocelyn & my brother      Charlie   & Jacob


Hi welcome to my blog this will tell you what is happening in my life my day and my siblings

this is my sister                                                                                                                  so cute